FAQ for Students

About Exampl:

Exampl is your “personalized, on-demand mobile tutor” to help you in your homework or exam prep. It’s about school students being tutored by top ranking university students.
When you get stuck while studying or doing homework, take a photo of your question, post it on Exampl and have another university student tutor you. Using real-time chat and photos.
We believe that students need personalized help while doing their homework.
You can obtain immediate help on various topics around mathematics (namely calculus, probability and statistics, algebra, geometry, trigonometry etc) and physics. We hope to have subjects like chemistry, computer science, biology and languages introduced soon.

Download and registration related:

On an Android device, Exampl is compatible with version 4.4 and up. On an Apple device, Exampl is compatible with version 7 and upwards. if you are still unable to download, it could be for reasons beyond our control.
With thousands of students on exampl and growing, it may be possible that the username you choose may already have been taken by some other.

Usage related:

Thanks, please do share your love and affection to Exampl by following Exampl on Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or Reddit. And sharing the posts therein! You could also use the social media share buttons within the app or on the website to inform your friends. Finally, don’t forget to visit the App store or Playstore and leave a rating and review for Exampl!
You could leave an appropriate rating for the student tutor. You could also send an email to Please note that any misuse could result in being debarred.

Suggestions and Customer Complaints:

Thanks. Please do send your suggestions across to We shall try to incorporate them as soon as possible.

FAQ for Tutors

No. You would not provide the answers but solve the question in as much detail as possible.
After every interaction, the student you tutored could rate you on a 5 point rating. Please note that it is at the discretion of student. The cumulative average rating would show up against your profile. If you fall below a certain threshold, you may be debarred from tutoring on Exampl.
The students or their parents would like to know the identity of the person tutoring. Hence, your personal identification details would be shared.